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Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Fri Mar 28 01:19:11 EST 1997

asidline at VOICENET.COM (Alex Sidline)wrote:

>Hi Jeffrey,
>I did not know that there were limitations on what can be posted. Is it a
>general Usenet rule? Are you advising me in a capacity of someone assigned
>to monitor this group or just an interested reader. Although I am not at
>all offended by your courteous message, I am strongly against any kind of
>censorship. This is not, after all, a porno thing, nor inciting to cause
>any harm to any group. As such, pricing seems to be a reasonable attribute
>of a product.

Although I have responded to your personal email via a personal email, I'll
go ahead and make a general statement to the group.  The administrators of
BIONET/BIOSCI newsgroup realm have established clear guidelines for the use
of their realm.  As they are a non-profit entity, sponsored by a government
grant, it is against their own guidelines to publish prices of products or
to use any of their newsgroups to specifically advertise a product by someone
who is directly affiliated with a product manufacturer.  This does not mean
that a non-biased individual cannot endorse or critisize a product, as this
would fall under "free speech".  BIONET/BIOSCI does not want their newsgroups
turning into a place where manufacturers can place ads, or where people discuss
prices of products.  It is a place where we can discuss, either positively or
negatively about a product, as long as we are not affiliated with manufacturer.

Thanks for your understanding....
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