Scuba Diving and Swim Molds

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You should talk to Rick Morgan at Westone.  Rick is the VP of Engineering
and an avid diver.  Since they make swim molds he should be able to help.

Jack Homa

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>Subject: Scuba Diving and Swim Molds
>From: Jeffrey Sirianni, audioman at HCTC.NET
>Date: 21 Mar 1997 22:40:11 -0800
>We have a patient in our office who is an avid scuba diver.  He has had some
>recent trouble with a small perforation of the TM.  The holeis healed now,
>but he has some trouble with ear pain when he is diving and is worried about
>a repeat perforation and water into the middle ear space.  My initial
>thoughts were of the "Ear Planes" plugs used for airplane flyers to maintain
>constant ear canal pressure to avoid painful pressure upon the TM.  The
>patient told me that a diver needs to be able to politzerize their ears when
>diving to avoid such pressure and pain problems.
>Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or any products used by divers to
>help with these problems?
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