Florida AA @ AAA/Ft. Lauderdale

SDSMACCCA sdsmaccca at aol.com
Mon Mar 31 08:55:22 EST 1997

Attention Florida audiologists:

The Florida Academy of Audiology, founded in 1995, will be reorganizing at
the 1997 AAA convention in Fort Lauderdale.  An organizational meeting
will be held on Friday, April 18th at 6:45 p.m.* (after the roundtable
discussions) in room 302 of the convention center (3rd floor).  Among the
topics discussed will be:

1.  Election of Florida AA officers;
2.  The Au.D. movement in Florida;
3.  An audiology managed care provider group in Florida.

All Florida audiologists are strongly encouraged to attend.  Please direct
any inquiries to me personally.

Thank you,

Steven D. Sederholm

*The meeting time was originally scheduled for 6 p.m., but was changed to
allow for the roundtable discussions.

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