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Paul D Dybala dybala at
Wed May 28 08:55:04 EST 1997

 I will return my  DigiFocus soon because
> of the background noise problem.  My audiologist before prescribing me
> the DigiFocus did mention that the Senso is steered toward the speech
> range. 
> Scott Pham

> ptmagi at (Pt Magi) wrote:
> >It is designed to REDUCE steady state noises.  How much simpler can it be
> >put? Again, I have tried them and can attest that it DOES do EXACTLY that!

Just a quick question:

Are the noises you are having problems with background
noises that are steady state such as A/C fans etc?

A few years back we had the ZETA noise blocker 
which would perform a similar function of lookng for
steady state signals nad then reducing the intensity
of that signal in the frequency band that it was occuring in.

The problem is that sometimes steady state noises are comprised
of the smae frequencies as SPEECH. So when the noise is reduced
so is the speech.  This idea of only looking to eliminate steady
state noise  does not address the issue of when the noise is the
speech of other persons such as in a crowded restaurant, party, etc.

The hearing aid will not be able to separate the speech noise
from the speech you are trying to focus on.

Widex has been talking about how the new senso reduces background noise
but I have not seen any research  to prove it
or even a general explanation of how the hearing aid does this besides
this steady state noise vs fluctuating speech argument that I have seen
before with the zeta noise blocker.

Frankly,  when the audiologist who is the rep for widex
came by to demonstrate the senso at our facility all he/she
had to say was "I don't know how it reduce background noise, it just does
it".  I personally would like to have a little more info than that
before I have to fit a pt with $4,000.00 worth of hearing aids.

What you might want to lookinto is hearing aids with a directional
microphone.  Knowles has just come out with a mic that can now fit
in an ITE and Phonak now has the micro zoom in an ITE.

Good luck!
Thank you for your support,
Paul Dybala
dybala at

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