Job search in Miami, Florida

Susan M Lopez lopezs at
Wed Nov 19 20:41:11 EST 1997

Greetings all-

I need help finding a job in Miami, Florida.  I have interviewed for 2
jobs, and was so unhappy after one of the interviews, I am turning to the

I have 2 years experience with conventional audiometrics, programmable and
non-programmable hearing aids, ABR, OAEs, and 6 months experience with
ENGs.  I am bilingual English/Spanish.

I want a job.  I will work my butt off for the right employer.  Any
suggestions, people/places to contact, etc. would be gratefully
appreciated.  I already have my Florida audiology license in hand.

Most sincerely,
Susan Lopez
lopezs at
(803) 792-3004 (w)
(803) 573-0526 (h)

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