Presidential Hearing Aid

gandalf at gandalf at
Sat Oct 4 19:43:37 EST 1997

>Additionally, the article said that Clinton would wear the aids only on
>"selected occasions" such as parties (my paraphrasing).  Am I wrong to
>think this is the wrong way to counsel patients?  Everything I was ever
>taught emphasised that patients should wear their aids as much as possible
>to acclimatize themselves (and their brains) to the amplified sounds.
>I have always told my patients that its better NOT to run out and wear
>their new aids in a noisy party before they've had a chance to get used to
>them.  Ideas?  Inputs? Thanks!


Clinton is an intelligent professional.  I agree that there are those  we 
should ask to wear aids as much as possible, probably even most patients.

The physicians, lawyers, and other intelligent professionals I see with mild 
losses have the sense to know when they need to use the aid. I have no problem 
with counseling such patients to use their own judgement.

I judge each person on his own merits, without a blanket policy for all.


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