Clinton - sending wrong messages

Charles Schultz robin at
Sun Oct 5 11:43:46 EST 1997

Steve Hoffman wrote in message <3437012c.32072110 at>...
>The AP report on Clinton's hearing aids says:
>"Midlife is catching up with Bill Clinton" - indicating that wearing
>aids tells people you're getting old.
>The in-canal aids are "hardly noticeable to other people" - indicating
>that you definitely want to hide the fact that you're wearing aids.
>He will "pop in the aids only when he needs them" - indicating that
>fulltime wearing of aids is not necessary to optimize their
>I guess that about covers the list of wrongheaded messages that could
>have been broadcast under the circumstances.  Sigh....

Maybe you are being hypersenitive to aging. I am 66 and proud of the fact
that I got this far and am thankful that there are such things as a hearing
aid. I think the only shame is people regardless of age that have trouble
hearing refuse to wear them because of
things as you said.


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