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Mon Oct 6 09:49:02 EST 1997

Rioux - Paquette wrote:
> This message is not related but I ask you to please spread it over. Thanks.
> I am coming back from China. I was a teacher at the China Textile
I really hope no one takes this seriously.  Anything sent to this guy is
surely lost money.  Don't be a sucker.

> University and also worked for a Mail Order Joint Venture. I want to go
> back to Shanghai as soon as possible and start one of even several
> businesses. I have plenty of ideas... to serve hundreds of millions of
> customers. I am looking for sponsors who accept to ''give'' $20 to $100 to
> help me start. I promise to keep you posted about the progress of my
> venture(s) and give you the benefits at prorata of your participation. You
> could also join me in Shanghai to help me manage. If wealthy business
> people are interested to invest, I can take charge of everything and they
> remain the boss (owner) at 100%. I will be happy to be General Manager or
> Coordinator. I have many contacts in Shanghai and twelve reliable people
> fluent in Chinese and English can join me to help Cies establish a business
> or Joint Venture (legal aspects thanks to a friend lawyer, search of office
> and industrial space, accommodation for foreign staff, recruiting, etc.). I
> have a lot of references and am very mature, with 30 years experience in
> four countries: France, Canada, USA and China.
> Pierre Girondeau - 2135 Bleury, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2K2, Canada
> E-mail:   sebrp at

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