Clinton - sending wrong messages

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Tue Oct 7 19:01:44 EST 1997

>Phillips makes a digital CIC,

Uh, no, Paul, Philips does not make a digital CIC. BTE and ITE open platform 
digitals are their only styles to date. I hope they come out with a CIC soon, 
as I like their other products.

>and why couldn't it be a Siemens Music CIC
>or Starkey Sequel CIC.

Neither of these is digital, Paul

>All are programmable and all will "automatically adjust"
>aka WDRC.  All I have heard is that they are CIC's
>and they adjust automatically.

>Paul Dybala

No, the news reporters on ABC CBS and NBC said the word "digital" on each of 
the programs I watched concerning Clinton's aids. And the boxes out of which 
the aids were taken were Widex display boxes.


>HearWHAC (hearwhac at wrote:
>> Are President Clinton's new hearing aids Widex Senso's? They make the
>> only digital CIC's that I know about.

>> Paul Woodard ;-)

>Thank you for your support,
>Paul Dybala
>dybala at

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