Clinton - sending wrong messages

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Thu Oct 9 01:12:38 EST 1997

dybala at (Paul D Dybala) writes:

>Phillips makes a digital CIC,
>and why couldn't it be a Siemens Music CIC
>or Starkey Sequel CIC.

>All are programmable and all will "automatically adjust"
>aka WDRC. All I have heard is that they are CIC's
>and they adjust automatically.

Paul Woodard - HearWHAC (hearwhac at wrote:
>> Are President Clinton's new hearing aids Widex Senso's? They make the
>> only digital CIC's that I know about.

I think Paul W. is putting two and two together, as many people in the
industry have done.  The reports say the Clinton is getting CIC's.  No
problem here, so far.  The reports that they will be "digital" can mean
a true digital processing aid, and hense the suggestion that they will be
Widex Sensos.  BUT... If the reports are generalizing programmables as
"digital", then Paul D's comments are valid.

Can't wait to hear exactly what he will be getting....

Story: Had a man stop by my monthly information booth at the local mall and
ask me "What brand of hearing aids is Clinton getting?  I want to buy stock

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