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Sun Oct 12 11:12:17 EST 1997

I'm not an audiologist or a patient.  My elderly father needs hearing
aids.  He was recently evaluated by a hearing aid dispenser who
recommended the Oticon DigiFocus.  He would charge $5000 to fit my
father with these aids.  This is a lot of money which is not covered
by Medicare so I would like to find out whether (1) only the DigiFocus
or another truly digital aid would meet his needs and (2) prices of
hearing aids in general - and the DigiFocus in particular - vary
significantly across locations.  My father, for example, is a
"snowbird" who will soon migrate to Florida.  

I have a copy of my father's audiogram and a fairly recent
audiological evaluation.  Is there some way that I can correspond via
e-mail with an objective audiologist or other professional in the
field of hearing loss; namely, someone who is not trying to sell me
one/of his/her products,  in order to clarify issues relating to my
father's hearing status and the types of hearing aids for his needs?

The price of a product is always a very critical factor for a
consumer, especially something as vital as a hearing aid which is not
covered under Medicare.  (Are hearing aids covered under private
insurance?  If so, which ones?)  My father will pay what he must pay
to get the most suitable hearing aid for his needs, but we both agree
that some informed comparison shopping is the first priority at the
present time.

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