LOUD VOICE in children

Jesudas J. Dayalan DSJESUDA at BCSC02.GOV.BC.CA
Sun Oct 12 15:37:09 EST 1997

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Very often I get referrals for a hearing test for children who seem to have
difficulty controlling their voice levels. Not many of them show any sensory
hearing loss. Some of them show conductive hearing loss (usually lower
frequencies as in most conductive losses) and one or two have shown low
frequency sensory loss. Many report delayed speech development. A lot of them
do not show any hearing loss on pure tone audiograms and have normal middle
earfunction. A couple of them have shown absent reflexes.

Do you see such clients in your case load? What's happening to their voice con
trols? Is it a low frequency hearing problem? Is it an attention getting
device? or is it norm of the day?


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