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>>Dear fjp,
>>I joined this newsgroup to have dialogues with other audiologists.
>>What's irritating to me is to keep seeing price issues here when they
>>could be dealt with somewhere else.
>Where, perhaps?
>> I didn't sign on to see what my
>>colleagues are charging for their services!
>Medicine is an interesting field that price discussion is verboten.  Of
>course, usually allowables keep physicians from overpricing.  Allowables do
>not in general exist for hearing aids--they often aren't covered.  (To my
>knowledge, at least.)
>Actually, I suppose you mean you didn't sign on so *we* could see what your
>colleagues are charging for your services.  Physicians shouldn't have to be
>hagglers, but in an industry that plays it both ways(don't try to change the
>price, and don't know what the going rate is) maybe they're asking for it?
>>I don't think we're a threat to free speech, isn't there a time and a
>>place for everything?  Would you crash an audiology convention to talk
>>about prices of hearing aids?
>The purpose of an audiology convention is to help people hear better.  The
>idea behind a more expensive hearing aid is that it lets people hear better.
>The reality is that people DO NOT GET hearing aids because the only ones
>that aren't horrible(feedback and a host of other things you know better
>than I do) are nowhere near affordable.  So, yes, I think audiologists
>should realize that people aren't going to them because A) All they hear
>about the aids is that they *stink* and B) Not many people know about the
>fully-digital ones that don't stink, and C) The few that do can't afford $3K
>a device.
>>Would you bust in to Audiology 101 at
>>the local university and tell everyone there how you feel about your new
>>hearing aids?
>Actually, yes. If I was an audiologist, I think I'd be pretty interested in
>how well a hearing aid really works, as opposed to what the company or my
>patient is willing to say to my face.  I know someone very well whose
>hearing aid is useless and has never told her audiologist this.
>>  Do people sign on to other professional newsgroups to
>>complain about their service charges?  Ever hear of "netiquette?"  Are
>>those warnings to new users a violation of free speech?
>Anybody with a clue about netiquette knows that it happens to be relative,
>i.e. it's horrible netiquette to knock an arbitrary host off of Usenet but
>not at all bad to knock Spam Central UUNet off.  UUNet abuses Usenet.  You
>abuse us.  Not you personally, but your profession violates a basic tenant
>of capitalism and then gets annoyed if we band together to subvert the
>>I would go so far as to say that money is not the issue with hearing
>>aids, but acceptance of the hearing loss.  If you can't accept your
>>hearing loss, how can you justify paying the money for quality hearing
>>aids fitted by a professional?  My patients who have truly accepted
>>their hearing loss tell me better hearing is a bargain at any price.
>Ha!  I'd love to hear this for cars.  "The gasoline industry will no longer
>place prices on posts, as the ability to drive places is a bargain at any
>>As far as being hushed, I had my prices posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB
>>until my competitors were using that information to my disadvantage!
>And this is bad because...
>>We're not trying to keep secrets, we're trying to carry on conversations
>>about professional issues.
>THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL ISSUE.  This is the reason why you, as a
>professional, DO NOT GET CLIENTS.  This is a reason, why you as a
>professional ARE NOT TRUSTED.  There is a general perception that unless you
>mortgage your house, your hearing aid will make noise audible throughout
>concert halls.  Now, as a professional, can you tell me this isn't true?
>>(I couldn't keep it in anymore...)
Very interesting! As one of your "patients" I have held off buying a
hearing aid for the last 5 years due to sticker shock. It wasn't until
the absolutev depression of being an outcast forced me put my life in
hock so that I could buy a good device. Alas, what do find from you
fine outstanding professionals... YOU ARE A BUNCH OF CAR
SALESPERSONS!! The $6,000 dollar porsche at one dealer is only a $3500
chevy at another. Don't talk to me about professionalism.  While $3500
is a lot of money it isn't the $6000 I had been lead to believe that
it was. I could have  been a better hearing person years ago if you
professionals talked more about the real cost of "MEDICAL CARE".


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