Computer Monitor Interference

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Fri Oct 17 17:19:56 EST 1997

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>I need suggestions, help, input, what have you. 

>I am an office manager in a very small company and have just
>discovered, to my horror, that one of my colleagues has been putting
>up with loud buzzing in her BTE (Danavox 143 ASP) hearing aid whenever
>she works at the computer.

>The problem is from the monitor, and is worse if she is near the sides
>or back.  I would guess that it is related to why monitors mess up AM
>radio receivers, but I don't know for sure, nor do I know what can be
>done about it.

>Do you have ANY suggestions on: shielding? monitors that don't do
>this? frequency adjustment?  general coping?  At the moment, all she
>can do is turn off the hearing aid.  This is of limited utility in a
>tiny office, as then she cannot hear the phone, the door, or us.

>I would be very appreciative of any suggestions, either by e-mail or
>posting (and so would Donna).
>Thank you.
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