Fluctuating SNHL in children

Hears2U hears2u at aol.com
Sat Oct 18 00:38:41 EST 1997

I was asked today about possible causes of fluctuating SNHL in an 11 year old
 female.  3 audiograms over a 1 year period range 20-25 dB shift from normal. 
 No conductive component on any test.  Shifts are across the board not just in
 low frequencies.  Parents do not see any reason for functional loss.  I also
 know this child personally as she plays on my daughters soccer team.  I have
 witnessed signs of distress from her as she tries to hear the coach.  Nobody
 involved seems to feel malingering is the cause.

Possibilities that I'd like some input on:

1) Congenital fistula  (trauma has been denied)
2) hydrops -no reported vestibular symptoms, migraines or tinnitus
3) autoimmune

Anyone have any any other suggestions on other possible etiology or what
 furture diagnostic testing should be done?  Only school ordered audiometrics
 have been done so far.  Bright child, central processing has never been
 mentioned as possibility.  Everyone is focused on periphery.

Thanks in advance

 Hears2U (David) 

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