What a mess! The second tragity of hearing loss

eak3 at gate.net eak3 at gate.net
Sun Oct 26 21:12:22 EST 1997

I would invite all those interested to wnader over to the hearing loss
news group. You will read a number of msgs from people like myself who
are trying to muddle  through the great morass of purchasing hearing

For me, the experience can only likened to the experience one has when
buying a car (except with a car you at least to get drive and
compare). Recrimination's between audiologist and the forever
nausiating arguement of who knows best - audiologist or dispensers.

It is impossible to get any real understanding of the plus and minuses
of various brands beacuse everybody is busy pushing some particular
brand or another. The manufactures provide nothing more than glib
glossy booklets that are sparse at best or silent at the worts on
technical aspects of their products - I can get more technical data on
sterio speakers than I can get on hearing aids.

Could you folks help us. 

I am 45 years old, It has taken me a long time to come to grips with
my hearing loss, it has taken me just as long to save enough money to
deal with the problem. The depression of not being to understand a
simple conversation with my daughter has been awful, but the
experience of trying to find the right hearing aid has been worst.

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