Acoustic Neuroma (Qustions Questions so many questions!)

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God speed with your recovery.  As for your questions, I might be able to
help with a few.  I would defer questions 1-3 to your neurosurgeon or
perhaps an otologist.   Question 4: It seems like your seventh nerve
(facial) has recovered some which is good.  In general, most of the
recovery from Sx occurs within the first years and a half.  The longer out
you go in time from the surgery, the less rapidly recovery occurs.  Facial
exercise is thought to help if residual facial nerve function persists -
though I am not aware of any controlled studies demonstrating this.
Similarly electrical stimulation of the facial muscles might help with
their tone, which sometimes sufferes from lack of use.  But the real goal
is to use the facial nerve as much as possible.  These are things typically
performed by physical therapists is warrented on medical examination.  Q5:
Tinnitus is very common,\ and may improve over time.  Q6: Tingling is
probably from the fifth nerve(sensation over the face) recovering but
recovering facial nerve funciton can also cause the sensation.  Sometimes
these are phantom percepts from brainstem sites. Q7: there is an acoustic
neuroma society ? or support group ? here in the states.  Also look up
tinnitus and balance web sites.   Mayby someone else can post the exact 
listings for these sites. Q8. Pain is also common following AN removal.  I
don't know about their effect on recovery, but most people I know who are
post op look for pain relief, at least early on. Q9 see above.     

I wish I could tell you more.  This is not my area but no one else seems
to have addressed your questions.  There were several good articles in the
Journal of Otology in 1996 that dealt with acoustc neuroma outcome issues. 
Perhaps it is worth some time on MED-LINE or a trip to the medical library.
  At any rate, I hope the best for you - chin up!

David Zapala

>OK these are some questions I have
>1. I seem to be getting tired all the time and wondered if things like this
>are normal?
>2. Has a link between glandular fever (I had it at 10) and acoustic
>neuroma's been established?
>3. Are there any devices to aid recovery?
>4. What is the average recovery time of such ops?
>5. Is tinitus common after such ops?
>6. Tingling in the face normally occurs and I have heard this usually
>precedes recovery?
>7. Where can I find more information about recovery??  in the UK!
>8. Can painkillers adversely affect recovery?  I take one to two Nerofen
>Plus a day (max dose 8)
>9. Are there any exercises of the face I can do?  I already do some.
>OK I know I can ask my neurosurgeon but I would like to hear from other
>people or professionals who are interested.
>Thanks for taking the time to read my moans and groans

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