thinking about getting NoaH...

gandalf at gandalf at
Fri Sep 5 23:10:50 EST 1997


>I am getting ready to buy Noah software and a Hi-Pro box.  What do those
>of you who use NoaH think about it?  I currently have on hand held
>programmer and the number of programmables I have been dispensing has
>continued to rise, and I feel like I need more choices.

>Also, with NoaH I am planning on beginning to dispense digital hearing
>aids.  I have had several patients ask about digital hearing aids (much
>to my delight and surprise).  To those of you who dispense digital
>hearing aids, is the difference very noticible?  Is it worth the money?

>Thanks for your help.  Please post and/or email all responses.  Any
>input would be appreciated greatly.  I haven't been an audiologist very
>long.  I just finished my CFY a few months ago.

>Thanks again
>Diana Sowers
>cmichel at

I, too, have been weighing these options, about buying Noah. You can, however, 
fit both the Widex Senso, the largest selling digital and the Philips open 
platform digital, without either the Noah or high pro box, saving yourself 
about $1500. You cannot, however, fit the Oticon or some of the other 
programmables without them. I will probably buy the Noah package eventually, 
but have fit dozens of digitals without it so far.


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