Help Needed for Child in Mexico

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at HCTC.NET
Mon Sep 8 03:46:13 EST 1997


I was recently approached by a member of our community for help with a 12
year old girl in Mexico who is in need of a hearing aid.  The details I
obtained was that this child underwent surgery for removal of a brain tumor
which left her with a substantial hearing loss.  Intuition tells me that
this may have been the removal of an acoustic neuroma, but the details I
have received are very hazy.  Regardless, the medical professions in Mexico
have recommended a hearing aid, which leads me to beleive that there is
some residual hearing left.  I have told this person in our community that
I would do what I could.

Is there anyone out there living or working in the Eagle Pass, TX / Piedras
Negras, Mexico region or know of an audiologist or otolaryngologist who
might help with the fitting or making of earmold impressions?  The child
lives in Montclovia, Mexico, which I believe is approximately an hour from
the Texas border in Eagle Pass.

Please email me personally if you have any ideas or leads.  Thank you very
much for your help.


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