How long should I cut my pipes?

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Wed Sep 10 21:52:38 EST 1997

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> >> Could someone tell me how long to cut a one-inch pipe to get middle
> C?
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Way too many unanswered questions.  Will you be stiking the pipe, or
blowing into it?

If you're blowing, like a coke bottle, the fastest and easiest way would
be to cap off one end of the pipe and parially fill with water, testing
until you find the pitch you want.  Then measure the unfilled section of
pipe and cut.

If striking, there would be a number of variables, such as the density
of the pipe and its material.

Lastly, if you're asking us to do your physics homework problems, you're
in big trouble, and you'll never learn by asking others to bail you out!

David Weesner, MA, CCC/A

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