Central / Peripheral Mechanisms

Zipjack zip at jack.com
Fri Sep 12 16:49:16 EST 1997

Mark Vanderstay <sxp96mv at reading.ac.uk> wrote:

>Could someone please explain the difference between central and peripheral
>auditory mechanisms? 

Central functions are those that take place in the Auditory brainstem.
Peripheral functions pertain to gathering sound and hearing...
the auditory brainstem does the actual   central processing.

>I am involved in a study of compensation effects for
>transmission channel distortions, for which the distinction is entirely
>relevant, yet I am unable to find a satisfactory explanation in any of the
>literature. I know how useful each of these mechanisms are, but a simple
>definition eludes me.

 Dr.s  Katz, Medwetsky, and Musiek have all written about and researched this area extensively.





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