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Subject: 	Source of Tinnitus

I have a patient who reports a PING with certain jaw movement and eye
blink.  Does anyone know the source or possible treatment?  Only present
when these events occur.
Correlational Opponent Processing suggest that the PING occurs
as a wavelet interaction.  As an example an audiologist in this group reported 
Tinnitus when he lean forward on a desk with a pair of open
scissors touching his underarm.  The neuro stimulation of this event
interacted with the neuro stimulation of the ears resulting in a feedback
or opponent wavelet going to the ears.  The ears can be a like
a speaker, under certain circumstances.  The interaction from the
wavelets results in the reported tinnitus.

While I do not know if this will work consider the logic.  Memory creates
opponent wavelet areas that filter or blocks current stimulation.  Therefore,
since this is the only reported event practicing the events to habituation
should in principle create a habituation wavelet filter to block the
perception of the tinnitus in the future.  This is my best guess.
If this is tried please report back failure or success of  using this

COP theory is at

Ron Blue

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