Hearing 26.5 cycles

wweens19 at idt.net wweens19 at idt.net
Sun Sep 14 16:49:54 EST 1997

I'm confused.  I read that a subwoofer, the CR400 by Boston Acoustics had
a fairly flat ( I think plus or minus 3 db) down to 26 cycles.  I took a
Stereophile CD that had  26.5 and 31.5 warbles to my friendly audio store
and they played it thru that speaker as well as the next size up (that had
a 10 inch speaker in it), and I couldn't hear anything altho there was
some pressure in my ears.  Can one hear these sounds or is it just a
'feeling' at those levels?
Seems like a long time ago I played Also Sprach Zarathustra (which has an
opening pipe organ note of 28 cycles) and I remember hearing it when
played on a very expensive Lansing speaker (I think it was a 15 inch
woofer).  Did I maybe hear only the harmonics an octave or so above that
Thanks for any enlightenment you can shed on this.
Lou Wienecke  wweens at bigfoot.com

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