Digital Comparisons

Glen R. Meier gtniowa at
Tue Sep 16 19:24:55 EST 1997

Will Costa wrote:
> I think its perfectly reasonable to discuss price. Its a very
> practical consideration in terms of how the American
> health care system rations its care.

Price discussions are not allowed on Bionet.audiology as a matter of
policy.  For questions regarding this policy, please read the
BIONET/BIOSCI FAQ.  If you have further questions regarding this policy,
I would suggest that you send them to the newsgroup moderators.

I enjoy the discussions of this newsgroup and appreciate the help
provided here.  I would therefore ask that we all follow the guidelines
that have been established.  If price is something that you wish to
discuss, there are many forums available for that, however this is not
one of them.

My 2 cents have now been spent.

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