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Glen R. Meier gtniowa at NETINS.NET
Wed Sep 17 22:29:52 EST 1997

From: "jbell at" <jbell at>:

>I had heard that this group was run by audiologists and now I believe it.
>Since it seems that the differential between my Canadian price for a pair of
>Sensos and the US price is the dispensing markup, I can understand why
>discussion is unwelcome here on this forum. For those who believe in free
>speech please join our continuing dialog on

Nobody is trying to stop you from price discussions or limit your free
speech.  It is simply that this is not the forum for that discussion. 
There are many places on the net that you can go to that will allow
hearing aid price discussions.

Excerpt from the Bionet/Biosci FAQ regarding bionet.* newsgroups:

"The system is intended to promote communication between professionals
in the biological sciences. All postings to the newsgroups should be
made in that spirit. While the general public may "listen in" to the
discussions, these newsgroups are intended primarily for communications
between researchers."

If this is what you mean by "run by audiologists", then I would agree
with you.  If you meant that this newsgroup is run by close-minded,
intolerant, ivory tower type of people, then I guess we would disagree
:-)  I have been very happy with the information that is distributed
here and the general helpfulness of the participants.  Perhaps you
should start a newsgroup "hearing.aid.pricing".

Best of luck to you!

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