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jbell at barint.on.ca jbell at barint.on.ca
Sun Sep 21 18:33:33 EST 1997

Robert, I'm sorry that my "information" does not make sense to you however the
information I quoted is directly from my invoice from my dispenser which I will
fax to you.. Aid $1050,  dispensing $325, earmold $50, ship/hand/batt $12. Times 2
equals $2874.00

This means my dispenser received $650 for providing me my aids. He has spent less
3 hours with me to do and a rate of $225/hr seems more than adequate to me for
anyones services.

You can verify the prices of Sensos with International Hearing Aids in Oakville,
Ontario who distribute them in Canada. I'll even provide you with their phone
number if you wish.

My private and government insurance will pay $1260 of this cost so my net is $1614
for two aids.

I have provided hard information..you have done nothing but disparage my remarks.
I am sure many of us look forward to your more factual information including
clarification as to why US dispensing is on a 2 times or 3 times basis which looks
like a fee of $750 per hour or higher. We would certainly like to understand the
basis of this.

I trust this provision of information that you wanted does not fall into the
domain of pricing discussion.

RSiegel663 wrote:

> >I'll take credit for stirring this controversey. See my previous posts for
> >info on
> >my Canadian Sensos.
> You continue to push your impression of apparently limited information and
> make broad swipes of the " you guys are ripping us po' consumers off"
> brush.  Your stated cost of the aid doesn't make sense, but to settle the
> point I will contact some people I know in Canada and get some complete
> answers for you and not just imply misrepresentation.
> >.my dispensing >30% of>the aid cost.
> Something does not make sense here.  This is a reasonable markeup on a
> consumer product, but I thought that the cost of these things included the
> professional services and time of the dispensing facility???
> >So whats your dispensing cost? If users in the US are paying...
> My dispensing costs are rent, lights, payroll, and all other costs of
> maintaining a practice.  THIS IS CALLED OVERHEAD.
>  >So
> >lets put the problem where it belongs and not on Widex.
> Nice brushstroke!
> >. And yes the government
> >will pay $260 of my cost and my med insurance will pay $1000 just as your
> >HMO's
> ??????????    Which HMO'S   !!!?!
> Is this paid to you as reimbursement?
> > but these are at arms length from the dispensing so are no justification for
> >jacking up the prices. So bottom line the Danish saga is just another red
> >herring.
> Oh! Arms length   So it is in addition to the previous stated charges!?
> This would bring the costs to how much???  My math sums this to more than
> I charge in my office.
> Your red herring looks more like a fisherman's story than reality.
> I will reply when I get the information about the Health Care System
> payment methods in Canada.  Please discuss your questions answrers and
> opinions, But please honor the guidelines in this group
>  I will gladly e-mail if you want to get specific on $, but not in this venue!
> Robert B. Siegel M.S. CCC-A, BC-HIS
> Family Hearing Centers
> 2001 Lincoln Dr W.   Suite E
> Marlton, NJ 08053-1531

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