Widex Senso Pricing

jbell at barint.on.ca jbell at barint.on.ca
Tue Sep 23 17:04:46 EST 1997

Robert thats a US$3439 saving because my cost was in Canadian dollars which
exchange at 1.33C$ to each US$.   And its a lovely drive too this time of
year...why not take the train trip thru the Agua Canyon while you are there
:-)  John

Will Costa wrote:

> jbell at barint.on.ca wrote in article <3425AECD.D3CB408 at barint.on.ca>...
> > Robert, I'm sorry that my "information" does not make sense to you
> however the
> > information I quoted is directly from my invoice from my dispenser which
> I will
> > happily
> > fax to you.. Aid $1050,  dispensing $325, earmold $50, ship/hand/batt
> $12. Times 2
> > equals $2874.00
> Does anybody know a good audilogist in International Falls or S. Ste.
> Marie?
> I'd drive 10 each way hours to save $2800 which is what these where quoted
> to
> me for. Thats $2800 each.
> -Will

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