Why Purchasing a Hearing Aid is a Consumer Nightmare

Paul D Dybala dybala at utdallas.edu
Tue Sep 23 21:02:04 EST 1997

Sure talking about them is fine.



Patricia Burns (pburns at nospam.earthling.net) wrote:
> Does talking about NOT talking about hearing aid prices fall within the
> parameters of this charter?

> Sorry, I couldn't resist! :)

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> Patricia Burns  
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> Paul D Dybala wrote:
> > The simple problem is this,
> > 
> > the charter of this newsgroup does not allow us to talk about
> > pricing of hearing aids.  If this continues to happen the charter
> > can be revoked and this group can cease to exist.
> > 
> > It has nothing to do with you not getting a price or people being
> > uncooperative.  I do not want to see this group fold.
> -------%<------- snippage

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