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Wed Sep 24 01:03:19 EST 1997

The following was posted to the America Online "Audiologists" forum. Is
there any truth to this? It is a bit hard for me to believe this... Does
anyone have access to the newspaper? Something like this does deserve
Paul Woodard

Subject: ASHA - Good to see we are valued : (
Date: 22 Sep 1997 23:51:01 EDT
From: Unum Dium
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Hey Folks;

I am more disgusted than ever with ASHA.  They say they are trying to
build our value in the health care community.  Well, they have shown
exactly what they think we are worth.  The following is an add that
appeared in the Washington Post BY ASHA looking for an audiologist.
Note the years of experience they want.....and the offered salary.  This
post can also be found at    then select
classifieds and search using AUDIOLOGY.

I am just disgusted...

Tim McClosky

Job Status: Full-time
Job Code: 152776970918
Job Category: health/medical
Education: Masters
Salary: $19300 to $24000
Date Posted: 09/20/97
City, State: Rockville, MD
Zip Code: 20852

Job Listing

Nat'l prof. assoc. near Grosvenor metro seeks indiv. to provide expert
professional consultation in audiology to members; plan & coord
workshops & teleconferences; dev prof. practices products &
publications; collect & analyze info from technical assistance requests;
liaison with related prof & advocacy orgs. Reqs. M.A./M.S. in audiology,
& 7+ yrs. exp. in profession. Benes. incl. vac., sick leave,
med./den./life/ltd insur. prorated, flextime &
public trans. subsidy. Salary $19300-$24000. Send resume to ASHA/A2
10801 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 EOE/AA

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