Platforms for NOAH network versions? For Mr. Alf

Jacques Bruch jacques.bruch at
Wed Sep 24 09:51:08 EST 1997

For the moment I have only problem with the planning of a network. Which 
operating system can be set up on the server: Windows 95, Windows NT, Novell 
Netware 4.11, Novell IntranetWare (= Novell Netware 4.11 including Intranet 

As I have read your email, NOAH run on Windows 95 on the server. It is often 
said that Windows 95 is not a very stable operating system especially for 
local area networks. Windows NT does not have a security certificate yet. In 
order to let run Siemens modules the Windows 95 must be configured 

Other questions?

Jacques Bruch
email: jacques.bruch at

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