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>Today, I saw a woman who was 82 years old.
>She has bilateral SNHL and crappy speech discrimination abilities.
>She was brought in by her daughter who wanted to know what could be done
>to help her mom hear better.
>She was wearing a Starkey ITE on her left ear.  I called and found out it
>was a Class A circuit.  After more questions, it became apparent that this
>woman paid a rediculous amount for two ITE clas A circuit aids with NO
>trimpots.  I could not tell if she got the aids from an audiologist or a
>hearing aid dealer.

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Absolutly wonderful post- this post explains exactly what issues
we consumers have been trying to communicate, but perhaps not as

Specific price discussions are but a symptom of the problem.  Lack
of consumer education and a lack of available pricing information
are the problems.

Consumers do understand support, service policies, and other value
added services.  We are not looking for just the cheapest prices,
just some indication we are paying a fair price. I seldom by the cheapest,
because after sale support usual stinks.

These are the types of consumer discussions that should take place 
on this newsgroup, not vendor A charges $x and vendor B charges $y.



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