Digital Comparisons

Gary & Anne Gams MrHiggins at
Sun Sep 28 11:25:16 EST 1997

AMEN....Could not have said it better...I was a heavy user of this board
until the infighting began...I take great pride in what I do and
understand that this field requires constant learning and practice...All
you discount folks can go where you like...I charge for what I do...I'm
not here to negotiate price...As Dispensers or Audiologists are cost's
of doing business vary from state to state...I tell all my patients that
if they look they will find a lower price...If price is the issue so be
it....I'm not looking to service that person as they will always feel
they could have saved elsewhere...My concern is for their hearing and
they must pay for my skills.....Caveat Emptor.....GG

One last note...I do feel prices should be printed and given to the
patient for comparison as well as a description of each technology
The pickle's spots are the cucumber's playground...

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