Speech problems and learning disabilities

JKF jkf24 at open.org
Sun Apr 5 18:54:55 EST 1998


My 11 year old son has received speech services at school for articulation
since kindergarten.  He is now in 5th grade.

We just learned that he has severe problems with auditory discrimination,
including zero phonological awareness and long/short term memory problems.
Our son reads at 2.0 GE and writes at 1.5 GE.

As parents, we are extremely disturbed and concerned.  Luckily, we are
working cooperatively with the school to fix the reading/writing problems.
Note, this cooperation came after many, many, many letters, IEP meetings,
and testimony at the state legislature.  It was a hard process to go

Now, we are looking at the effectiveness of the speech therapy.  The school
therapist sees our son once a week for approximately 20 minutes.  She
strictyly works on articulation.

The therapist is willing to implement auditory discrimination interventions
(with no increase in time).

What is recommended for a child with these difficulties?  Is one visit, once
a week, enough?  What is the optimal intervention?

Our son has an excellent vocabulary, and above average intelligence.  He has
trouble saying r's, t's, th's and is often hard to understand.  Sometimes,
the beginning letter is unclear.   He makes up words, like "worser" and has
trouble when he has to conjugate verbs and adverbs (because he add's "ed" or
"er" to words inappropriately).

Can you give me suggestions for successful interventions?  I'm looking for
help with speech/articulation/auditory discrimination.  Am I correct to
think that improvements in these areas will also help our son to encode and
decode words.

For reading, the school will offer Lindamood Bell "Auditory Discrimnation in
Depth."  I heard this is a great program.

Thanks for anything you can offer.


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