Statistic on noise induced hearing loss

Jose A Nepomuceno nepo001 at
Mon Apr 20 14:45:24 EST 1998

About 22 million americans have siome dificulty in hearing. See - 
Patricia Adams - Curren estimates from the National Health Survey - US, 
1988 - Vital Health Statistic 10(173) i-iv, 1-250. The report Noise in 
America ( Report 950/9-81-101) estimates something arounf 9.300.000 
people exposed to a daily noise average level exceeding 85 dB(A). From 
this total 5.124.000 are in the manufacturing and utilities industry and 
1.934.000 in transportation industry. We use the figure of 10.000.000 
with noise hearing loss of different sources ( recreational, army and 
industry) in US, but we are in Brasil so I am not absolutely sure about 
the figure. We may consult NHCA at 
Jose A Nepomuceno

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