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hearing aids after acoustic neuroma removal

Jeffrey Sirianni audioman at hctc.net
Fri Jul 10 01:00:43 EST 1998


I have some comments for your post into bionet.audiology....

At 10:58 PM 7/8/98 -0700, you wrote:

>Having recently undergone an operation to remove an acoustic neuroma 
>which has resulted in a total loss of hearing in my left ear, I am 
>trying to find any and all information about current (and perhaps 
>future) hearing aids to give me some sort of return to stereo (is that
>the correct word?) hearing. The aid should be as unobtrusive as
>I am an extremly fit 53 year old (squash/scuba) and, if it is 
>relevant, wear glasses (wire framed).
>Does anyone know of or is perhaps developing or has an idea or 
>information for any such aids?
>Any information or advice will be gratefully received.
Complete loss of hearing in the left ear cannot be resolved with the use of
a hearing aid in the left ear.  Your problems will consist of not hearing
(or having trouble hearing) sounds or voices that come in from the left
side of the head.

In order to better hear these sounds or voices, a device called a CROS
hearing aid can be used.  CROS (Contralateral Routing Of Sound) devices
pick up sound from the poor (left) side and transmit them to the better
(right) ear.  This transmission can be done via a wireless system using an
FM signal or via a wired system.  In either case, two devices are worn, one
in each ear.  Wired CROS systems can be implemented in smaller devices, but
the cord (wire) is often problematic.  Wireless systems avoid the problems
of cords, but are only available in full size BTE (Behing-The-Ear) units as
the space is required for an FM transmitter (poor side) and an FM receiver
(better side).

Good luck...


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