OAE instruments

Deb Huber dhuber at genie.esu10.k12.ne.us
Thu Jun 4 19:00:01 EST 1998

We are considering the purchase of an OAE instrument to be used in a
school setting and just received info on the ERO-SCAN DPOAE. Are there any
other units out that would be appropriate and which would be better DPOAE
or TEOAE? I have been looking and asking questions but am having a dif.
time finding out which would be best for my setting Ed. Aud where most of
the students come to me for testing. The ERO-SCAN looks like if has 2
intensities 65 and 55dBSPL. Is this pretty standard or do some units go
lower. Any info would be helpful.
Deb Huber

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