Occlusion When Singing

martin martin at minot.com
Sat May 2 15:45:51 EST 1998

Jeff, I just had a pt. with like complaint with a Widex senso cic. I had his
aids recased. I took a deeper impression and had the pt. keep his mouth open
while the impression was setting. Sounds funny but the pt was more than
satisfied with the remake.
Larry G. Martin, MA-CCC-A
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Subject: Occlusion When Singing

>I have a question for both newsgroups:  Does anyone have any suggestions
>for binaural CIC fittings where the patient complains of hearing themselves
>while singing, but cannot hear his/her fellow choir members?  I have had
>some success with raising the kneepoint and lowering compression ratio.
>Any validation to his approach and/or any other suggestions?
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