Occlusion When Singing

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Sat May 2 15:45:38 EST 1998

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<< I have a question for both newsgroups:  Does anyone have any suggestions
 for binaural CIC fittings where the patient complains of hearing themselves
 while singing, but cannot hear his/her fellow choir members?  I have had
 some success with raising the kneepoint and lowering compression ratio.
 Any validation to his approach and/or any other suggestions?
 Jeff >>
Hi Jeff,
I just had the same comment from an individual wearing Siemens Prisma CIC aids
bilat. I tried changing to syllabic compression and raised the kneepoint
slightly. He commented that he hears his voice less and this has allowed him
to sing in the church choir better. His loudness growth seems essentially
uneffected. The loss is a high freq. loss with thresholds up to 500 being 20
and the slope fairly gradual to 70 at 4k. I am interested in cases
(challenges) concerning fitting the Prisma aid. Comments welcome from all.
John Zeigler

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