SonaMed - Use for Infant Screening

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Thu May 7 13:55:28 EST 1998

I have had extensive experience with the Clarity System from SonaMed, having
been independently involved with some of its product development from its
inception 5 years ago.  I set up an infant screening program at a hospital
that births 6000 babies per year, years ago and have used almost every
screening device available.  I have been involved in the thousands of clinical
trials with the Clarity system, either alone or in comparison with other
equipment.  We have done studies testing infants with two types of equipment
at the same time -- looking for comparison of results and function of the
equipment.  The studies have been performed now at several hospitals.  This
information was presented at AAA.  Call SonaMed for their abstract.

In terms of ease of use, flexibility, speed, I have found it faster overall
(always depending on the state of the infant) than any ABR screening device
I've used and you get 5 frequency OAEs plus the ABR all in one. You can set up
whatever paradigm you want a "tech" to use.  For tech screening, the Clarity
System automatically stops when impedances change, are too high, or
asymmetric, when earphone placement isn't accurate, and when there is too much
myogenic movement.  This saves considerable time.  The "tech" mode gives a
simple "Pass" or "refer" -- no waveforms or OAE interpretation.  If the infant
"refers" -- the supervising audiologist can retrieve the hard data via a
password, review it and retest.

Besides its ability to perform both OAEs and ABRs without disturbing the
infant, one of its strongest advantages is that the earprobe is constantly
monitoring consistent dB output.  No other piece of equipment does this as far
as I know.  With other equipment we really do not know if the SPL at the
eardrum is consistent from infant to infant. 

I would be more than happy to have a more detailed conversation by email or
phone.  You can also look up their web page:

 <A HREF="">SonaMed Corp- Home Page</A>
 <A HREF="">SonaMed Corp Links</A>  

The latter site has online an article I wrote for the Hearing Review Feb 1998
specifying what is useful to consider when buying screening equipment.

or call 1-800-SONAMED

Hope this helps.  Good luck.  Please don't hesitate to call.

Deborah Dempesy, MA, CCC-A
Hearing Ears Audiology Resources, H. E. A. R. 
325 Main Street
North Reading, MA 01864
978-664-2751 (Fax)

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