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>Subject: Continuing Ed Opportunity--GENETICS OF HEARING LOSS
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>ASHA Telephone Seminar Explores  the Genetics of Hearing Loss The Genetics
of Hearing Loss and Genetic Counseling:   What the Practicing Audiologist
Needs to Know
>Slide-Enhanced TeleSeminar, Friday, May 15, 1998. 1:00-3:00 pm (Eastern
Daylight Time)
>	You as an audiologist employed in clinical, educational, and academic
settings, are often the initial contact with the parent of a child with a
hearing impairment of unknown origin.  Awareness of typical hearing-related
syndromes will aid you in helping clients and their families in addressing
the hearing loss and related sequelae.  This TeleSeminar will introduce you
to the field of genetics as it relates to hearing ability. Presenters will
discuss the basics of genetics as it relates to hearing impairment, address
communication sequelae and other associated features characteristic of
these syndromes, and note appropriate strategies for referral to other
health care professionals and genetic counselors.  Information about
accessibility to genetic counseling, education and credentials of genetic
counselors, the characteristics and strategies of genetic counseling, and
the cultural sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the Deaf Community
will be covered.  Faculty will introduce the purposes and goals of the
Human Genome Project and the Boys Town National Hospital Registry for
Genetic Deafness.
>	Learner Outcomes: You will be able to identify syndromes associated with
hearing loss and other communication disorders; make appropriate referrals
to other health care providers; make informed referrals to genetic
counseling; define the purpose of national databases on genetic hearing
loss and be able to access or add information as appropriate.
>	Faculty: Edward Cohn, MD, Associate Professor, Otolaryngology and Human
Communication., Creighton University School of Medicine, Staff
Otolaryngologist, Boys Town National Research Hospital, Omaha, NE; Paul S.
Ing, PhD, FACMG, Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology and Human
Communication, Creighton University School of Medicine, Director of
Cytogenetics, Director, Boys Town Research Registry for Hereditary Hearing
Loss, Center for Hereditary Communication Disorders, Boys Town National
Research Hospital, Omaha, NE; Shelley D. Smith, PhD, FACMG, Professor,
Otolaryngology and Human Communication, Creighton University School of
Medicine, Coordinator, Clinical Genetic Services, Center for Hereditary
Communication Disorders, Boys Town National Research Hospital, Omaha, NE.
>     Instructional Level: Intermediate, Content Category: Professional,
Earn 0.2 ASHA CEUs
>Option 1=AFParticipate in the live, interactive TeleSeminar from 1:00-3:00
p.m. EDT, using your touchtone speaker telephone, set of  78 slides
(groups/sites) and handouts provided by ASHA. Invite colleagues and charge
a fee to cover expenses. Easy CEUs=AFjust complete and return the participan=
>	Registration Fee:	*      Facility/Site $349	*   Small Group (2-6) $169
*      Individual: $119
>Option 2: Instant Replay=AFChoose your own time to listen to the verbatim
recording of the TeleSeminar. You have 28 days to make your toll free call
and listen to the recorded TeleSeminar.=20
>	Registration Fee:	*      Facility/Site $249	*   Small Group (2-6) $169
*      Individual   $99
                                                            ASHA #


>Total Fee                                                  Check enclosed
 *            Bill me at the above address   *

                                      *   VISA/MasterCard
                                   Exp. Date                      Signature
>	Register by VISA/MasterCard or Purchase Order by phone, Email, or FAX:
>	Contact: ASHA, Ann Parks, 301-897-5700 ext. 236; FAX: 301-571-0454;
Email: Aparks at
>TeleSeminars=AF    *	employ a workshop format using telephone lines
>    * 	offer 2 or 3 hours of continuing education credit=09
>    * 	present the latest information and handouts on current topics
>    * 	provide an opportunity to ask questions and dialogue with
distinguished faculty
>    * 	require only a (speaker) phone
>    * 	highlight convenience=AFcall from home or office
>    * 	allow you to choose your own time with Instant Replay.
>	Using a touchtone speaker phone, you=A2ll call toll-free to connect with
the ASHA National Office and faculty. You=A2ll follow outlines and faculty
handouts provided by ASHA and participate in dialogue with faculty and
other sites.
>	The Instant Replay option allows you to call anytime within 4 weeks to
earn CEUs by listening to the verbatim recording. AND it=A2s so affordable!
Invite colleagues to join you and save even more. Register as a site, small
group (2-6 pp), or an individual.
> 	Remember, all you need is a quiet room, a table to write on, and a
touchtone speaker phone with the volume necessary for the size of the group.
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