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Wed May 13 23:45:41 EST 1998

There was a discussion back in March about ABR vs. MRI, the differences
between the two, and why MRI cannot replace ABR (although some insurances
are trying to go this direction.)  I am facing this situation with the
doctors with whom I work.  They feel that the ABR is no longer
appropriate to rule out acoustic neuromas.  I disagree, but am having a
difficult time arguing this.  One scenario offered by Ian Windmill was
that  if the ABR is abnormal, refer for MRI.  If the MRI is negative then
return to the findings of the ABR in an attempt to identify
non-structural abnormalities.  What methods can be used to "identify
non-structural abnormalities"?  And, how will the information learned
>From this assessment change the direction of treatment?  I am in the
position of having to defend the cost/benefit of such a test battery. 
Any assistance is appreciated.

David J. Coffin, M.A., CCC-A, FAAA
Director of Audiology
Birmingham Otology Center
Birmingham, Alabama

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