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>We have one, and possibly two openings, for which we will be
>interviewing in the near future.  These positions will support services
>we offer in our 960 bed tertiary care center and six suburban
>maxi-satellite centers.  We are seeking one individual who has
>demonstrated technical and practical expertise in amplification, and a
>second with excellent general skills, and primary expertise in either
>diagnostic audiology, or, amplification.  We are not limiting our search
>to degree level or level of seniority.  Salary and benefits are
>excellent and will be commensurate with level of training and
>experience.  Please direct any inquiries to me in writing at: Gary P.
>Jacobson, Ph.D, Director, Division of Audiology, Henry Ford Hospital,
>2799 West Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI, 48202, by e-mail to:
>gjacobs1 at hfhs.org, or, by fax to: 313.876.1548.

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