Billing For Cerumen Removal

Tue Sep 22 17:06:23 EST 1998

I did not say that audiologists are not billing Medicare for audiologic tests
- I said that Medicare does not pay for routine hearing tests, meaning hearing
tests done once a year to make sure your hearing is okay, hasn't changed, etc.
Some audiologists send out recall notices to encourage their patients to
return yearly, and then try to bill Medicare for those services - that type of
routine care is not a covered benefit under Medicare.  And by the way - it's
not the "acceptable diagnosis" that makes the tests covered benefits -
Medicare cannot deny payment for diagnostic procedures if the resulting
diagnosis is not "acceptable", though they may try.  The testing is a covered
benefit as long as it is done for the purpose of assisting the physician in
determining the nature and severity of the hearing loss so that possible
medical/surgical treatment can be determined.  Angela Loavenbruck

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