Universal Headbands for TDH earphones?

Jesudas J. Dayalan DSJESUDA at bcsc02.gov.bc.ca
Sun Sep 27 20:33:00 EST 1998

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We only see children aged 6 months to 18 years in our clinic. We have a GSI 61
audiometer and use very often insert tubephones and TDH 50- P earphones. A
smaller adjustable head band is often used as many of our clients are below
five years of age. Once in a day we have to use a bigger head band (standard
size). Therefore, we need to change the headbands for the earphones. One of my
colleagues gets very tired of changing the headbands.

Are we likely to damage the earphones by frequently changing the headbands?

Is there an adjustable headband which can be used for all age groups?

Is there a simpler solution other than padding?


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