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"Kevin Pons" <kpons at byelectric.com> writes:

>If an Audiologist were to remove ear wax and perform a 92557, the =
>Audiologist could not charge for the wax removal because it is =
>considered a component of 92557. If the Audiologist removed wax on one =
>day and had the person return on a subsequent day for testing that would =
>be problematic if the sole purpose of delaying the testing was to =
>acquire two separate chargeable services. KCP

I agree, but what I'm geting at is this....

What if you see patient for a hearing aid check.  Patient comes in with
occluding wax of the ear canal.  You perform cerumen removal.  No hearing
testing is performed, just wax removal.  Can you bill Medicare for cerumen
removal (which the patient wishes you do, since Medicare will pay for it)
rather than a hearing aid check, which they will need pay for out of their
own pocket.

The clinician has several choices:
1. Charge nothing and give away your service for cerumen removal.
2. Charge Medicare for cerumen removal.
3. Charge the patient for a hearing aid check, which the patient will not
appreciate since their own doctor could have taken out the wax paid by
4. Send the patient away to their own doctor, which is pretty inconvenient.

I want to know WHAT PEOPLE IN PRIVATE PRACTICE ARE DOING !!!!  Stand up and
be heard.  Tell me which of the above you choose to do...


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