New listserv

beaniekitty cyberear at
Tue Sep 29 12:53:42 EST 1998

I have started a new mailing list. This list is geared towards research in
communication disorders especially in PhD programs. Topics right now are
wide open...I thought maybe introductions, problems
people encounter, advice for others, brainstorming on research ideas, etc.
To sign up for the listserve, go to my homepage (please excuse the
simplicity - I am just starting it). The address is Towards the bottom is the ListBot
box. Enter your email address and click the box next to it. It will take you
to the ListBot page. Fill in the info. You will receive a confirmation
email. You have to respond to it in order to be activated. I hope we can
make this a lively and useful forum. Thanks for your interest!

Jennifer Lantz, MS CCC-A


            RIP Bugs 11/96 (after 9 years of love)
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