Effect of the pinna in sound magnification in rabbits

Vicky Bowles v.bowles at rhbnc.ac.uk
Tue Mar 2 00:44:22 EST 1999

I'm doing a research project using the pinna of rabbit and hare ears.
The idea is to determine whether the pinna changes the sound as it
enters the ear.  Different frequencies of sound have been used, and it
appears that the ear is more sensitive to higher frequencies.
I am having huge problems finding references about this subject - it
seems that this sort of experiment has not been done in the past.  If
anyone knows anything about the effect / use of the pinna, particularly
in rabbits/hares, or anything else that you think might be relevant, it
would be very greatly appreciated.


Vicky Bowles
v.bowles at rhbnc.ac.uk

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