History of Loudspeaker?

Noral D. Stewart noral at ix.netcom.com
Wed Mar 17 16:01:22 EST 1999

Seung Min, Cho wrote:
> Please, Tell me the history of loudspeaker..
> long long time ago, first speaker?
> history....
> Thank you everybody...
> I dont's speaking English... so, very basic level... I'm Sorry.

Surprisingly, the loudspeaker was not invented until the 1920's, (I hope
I am right on this) after radio and recording techology.  Before that
you listened with headphones or the old horn on the record player. It
was the loudspeaker that made sound in movies practical.  I have
reposted this to alt.sci.physics.acoustics where you will likely get
some more comments.

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