History of Loudspeaker?

Jon Mooney rapid at iglou.com
Fri Mar 19 00:05:49 EST 1999

E. S. Pridham combined a telephone receiver and phonograph horn for a 1915
Christmas Eve celebration in San Francisco.

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Noral D. Stewart wrote:

> Seung Min, Cho wrote:
> >
> > Please, Tell me the history of loudspeaker..
> >
> > long long time ago, first speaker?
> >
> > history....
> >
> > Thank you everybody...
> >
> > I dont's speaking English... so, very basic level... I'm Sorry.
> Surprisingly, the loudspeaker was not invented until the 1920's, (I hope
> I am right on this) after radio and recording techology.  Before that
> you listened with headphones or the old horn on the record player. It
> was the loudspeaker that made sound in movies practical.  I have
> reposted this to alt.sci.physics.acoustics where you will likely get
> some more comments.

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