History of Loudspeaker?

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This is an excellent question.  I checked my technical library for an answer,
and found, much to my surprise, credits cited were limited.  The definition
needs to sharpened for the date given, as it applies to "direct radiating
loudspeakers" only. The telephone was invented in 1876 and incorporated both a
microphone and a loudspeaker.

A short but comprehensive history on Acoustics can be found in the following

"Acoustical Measurements", Leo J. Beranek
It is available form the Acoustical Society of America.
Yes, they have a web site.



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> Seung Min, Cho wrote:
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> > Please, Tell me the history of loudspeaker..
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> > long long time ago, first speaker?
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> > history....
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> > Thank you everybody...
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> > I dont's speaking English... so, very basic level... I'm Sorry.
> Surprisingly, the loudspeaker was not invented until the 1920's, (I hope
> I am right on this) after radio and recording technology.  Before that
> you listened with headphones or the old horn on the record player. It
> was the loudspeaker that made sound in movies practical.  I have
> reposted this to alt.sci.physics.acoustics where you will likely get
> some more comments.

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